It’s 10.09pm and I have just topped up my handphone credit. (Is that even proper English?) So if you send me a message now, there is a higher likelihood of getting a reply!

I’ve been a complete icicle to my mother. She picked up on it, obviously and asked me about it. What else do I say to that? “nothing. it’s fine.” How can you tell your parent “You hurt me when you reacted badly to my results. You hurt me when all you can see is the not so great mark. You hurt me, and I’m mad at you.” ? It’s just not possible.

I’m running through my 3rd Sarah Dessen book today. Where else do I throw my emotions but into books where the people figure things out in the end? I wonder if I could ask her to write my life? It’s nights and days like this when I wish I could just drive over to a friend’s house and bum around. SADLY, that is not an option now is it?


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