here is a list of things i will never consume ever again. or at least this year. okay probably ever again:

1. Milkshakes

2. McDonalds

3. KFC

4. scratch that i only have 3 things so far

Why? Because in 2011 and the bits of 2012, I had the WORST EVER experience with them. I physically retch when I think about eating or drinking anything from the list.

My mom and I went shopping in MidValley Megamall today. I managed to buy Sarah Dessen’s latest book : What Happened to Goodbye? (eat your heart out I’ll lend it to you soon, Nina) And I bought a milkshake which shall be my last. I CANNOT THINK ABOUT IT WITHOUT WANTING TO THROW UP.

tomorrow makes me want to throw up too. damn.


One thought on “today

  1. classic example of conditioned taste aversion! if you look at it from the evolutionary perspective, this kind of conditioning is actually beneficial because it teaches us what food to avoid in future in order to stay alive. and that’s the end of today’s brief lecture 😛 btw, i cannot think of McDonalds without thinking of that picture that has been circulating on FB. the one that looks like strawberry ice-cream until you read the caption that comes along with it. blergh….


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