Here lie the thoughts that have been swirling in my mind for weeks now

Lately I’ve been thinking about the people who matter in my life and those who don’t; people who are true and those who aren’t. I guess it’s a continuation of this post, but this is much less angst ridden.

You see that quote up there? It’s from Stephen King’s “It”.  And how true is that. It speaks perfectly of what I’ve been musing lately. There are no ‘bad friends’. If you’re not being a friend, you simply are not a friend. I think that if we want to be part of people’s lives, we will make our presence known. Again, there is a difference between being a ‘friend’ and an ‘acquaintance’. Sadly, I think I fall into the latter category more often than the first. I am not a friend to many people but I think I make a fair acquaintance. I keep up with my Christmas cards and I do check in now and then. But a true friend I am not. I apologise for that.

Thank you to those who are my friends. Thank you for being there and thank you for bearing with me. Thank you for the kind words and for the support. Thank you for pushing me when I need it, thank you for being cruel to be kind. I won’t forget that.


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