Christmas Redux

Things are alright so far. Thank goodness.

My dad seems to be getting along well with everyone. My 2 year old and 6 year old cousins are his clear favourite “dolls” to play with. Intoxication works well to get people together. The “older ones” slept at 3-4am. I slept at 1 something. I am obviously a bit beat today. Children screaming isn’t good for health. heh.

Aaron ditched me to entertain the ‘young people’. He went out for a joyride with Ahmad for most of the day while I’m stuck at home being the babysitter. But what the heck right? It’s my duty to be, well, the dutiful one. So I play my role. Tis little purgatory to maintain the positive tone this trip has had so far. The kids seems to like me. Or maybe it’s because they’re older this year compared to last so I can stand them. Or simply God giving me strength to get through it.

The one thing about Sabah that I always forget is the time zone. When it’s 6pm here, it looks like 8pm in Klang Valley. Yes, we changed our Semenanjung time so all the states would have the same time but the sun coming up and going down earlier than usual is kinda messing with my mind. It’s only 6.14pm and I am sleepy.

Tomorrow we fly off. I love my family but right now what is preying on my mind is that I have not watched the series finale of Merlin. And that I’d only be watching the Christmas Specials for both Downton Abbey and Doctor Who after everyone else has. Oh well.


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