Day 15 – Favorite male character

My favourite male character is most definitely Commander Samuel Vimes of the City Watch, Duke of Ankh Morpork. He’s not handsome or dashing. He’s a human being. Pratchett did very well in shaping a character so firmly imprinted in the minds of all Discworld fans (I like to think he bases Vimes on himself).

Vimes starts out in Guards!Guards! as the Captain of the Night Watch. He is an alcoholic and could care less about the team of 3 people that he was in charge of. He wasn’t bad but he wasn’t good either. He simply.. got by. But after the events in the book and meeting future Mrs Vimes, he changes into a man feared and respected by all, second only to the Patrician himself.

I like that though he rises quite high in society due to his marriage and the titles the Patrician ‘burdens’ him with, Sam Vimes remains ‘Sam Vimes’. Not ‘Your Grace’ or ‘Sir Vimes’ but simply Commander Vimes or if you’re lucky, Mister Vimes. He is very flawed but he tries his best. He’s the underdog you can’t help but root for. There is a certain appeal to his roguish ways. He handles everything in a bumbling yet effective manner. There is none than can be compared to him.

Behind his tough exterior lies a soft hearted man. In the presence of his wife and son, he melts into the proper husband (AKA quiet and every agreeing) and doting father. With his officers, he plays the role of a leader but always remembers where he came from, acknowledging how their minds work and well, working around that.

Samuel Vimes is a man’s man and not a proper lady’s ‘ideal’. But that is exactly what makes him so precious.


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