There is something very wrong with me. I’m crying over the silliest things. A few days ago it was over a Doctor Who Christmas video that someone on YouTube made. It was a cartoon about the Doctor and K-9, the robot dog. K-9 made a present for the Doctor and then Daleks came to attack and then.. okay, the main reason I started crying was probably because K-9 reminded me of Elisabeth Sladen’s character in DW, Sarah Jane. Elisabeth Sladen passed away this year.

And today, my mom was listening to a reading of the book ‘ Little Star’ by Anthony DeSouza and I started crying again.

It’s a children’s book (A CHILDREN’S BOOK DAMMIT!) about the star that shone brightly over the stable where Jesus was born on Christmas night. The story was that the little star didn’t shine as brightly and basically felt like he couldn’t give enough to the people of Earth since he was just little. Then he realised that the baby Jesus was going to give all He had to the world and he, too was little. The other stars didn’t believe that the Saviour was going to be born in a stable so refused to shine on it. So the little star rested above the ever familiar nativity scene and used up all his energy to burn as bright as he could, so the world may see the coming of the King. He burned so brightly that he burned out.

But God gave the little star a great reward. Every year he is remembered with the star that is placed on top of the Christmas tree. He is thanked for his service by all the people of the world.

Can you see why I cried? No? That’s just as well because it’s a sad reason to cry. It’s about a star! And stars don’t have feelings. They aren’t alive. They’re balls of gas and stuff. But thinking about it makes tears well up in my eyes.

What is wrong with me?!!!


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