My blog so far has 1203  posts and 464 comments. I think that isn’t too bad right?

I just wanted to update you about my life and take some time out of the 2012 prep and the 30 day Book Challenge.

So yesterday I slept at 5.30pm till 6.30am. I still woke up sleepy. Funny that. Anyway, today I found this on Tumblr:

DIY Star Wars Snowflakes

I think it’s pretty cool. I’ve only started with Darth Vader. It didn’t work out as well. I think I’ll do a few and put up some pictures here. Then you can laugh at my attempts :p

I also found out that the podcast I follow is done by David Foster’s daughter. I just realised it. HIS DAUGHTER. I LISTEN TO HIS DAUGHTER. SHE HAS REPLIED STUFF I’VE POSTED ON THE SITE. I AM TALKING TO DAVID FOSTER’S DAUGHTER. You can only imagine how much I screamed and clapped my hands when I found out. Yes I am this much of a loser. So what podcast? It’s called The Heatley Cliff, done by two best friends Amy Foster-Gilles and Sheryl Zetner. What they write about and talk about on their site are things I enjoy. They pretend they live in a manor called the Heatley Manor (I like to think they named it after Heathcliff from Wuthering Heights) and they have a housekeeper called Constance. I know you probably think I’m crazy. 🙂 They talk about books, movies, knitting and so many other things like my obsession with period movies like Downton Abbey and Jane Eyre. And Michael Fassbender. haha. If you want to see their site it’s here: The Heatley Cliff

What else do I talk about?

OH have you watched the Muppets movie? I saw it last Friday or was it Thursday (?). OH it was last Monday. whoops. And it was adorable. So go watch it if you want to. I didn’t watch The Muppets going up but I have seen some of their movies and clips on YouTube. I would do a review on the movie but saying any details would completely spoil it. But you should watch it. It’s such fun.

I’ll be flying off to Tawau this Saturday and will be back next Monday. We’re going back for Christmas. My dad is still iffy about it. So prayers and positive thoughts on him coming along (AND HAVING A GOOD TIME!!!!) would be very important and much appreciated. Really. 🙂 I cannot wait to see my little cousin, the girl. Still not excited about seeing her brother, Ian AKA the monster. But I’ll try to be  a good person. HAH.

Erm I went Christmas gift shopping on Sunday. On my feet for 6 hours. I couldn’t wait to sit down by the time we were done. Sunway Pyramid to some shop in PJ and then Amcorp Mall. But in the end I’m glad with what we bought. All gifts had thought in them. 🙂

Oh new clips for the second series of Sherlock is out. I was so excited about that too. They were good clips. The new series starts in January, on the first. 🙂 The title of this post has to do with Sherlock. Oh bother, you’ll never get it unless you’re mental like me.

What else to write about? Erm. Nothing really. Oh, I sent in a certain application on Monday. High hopes for that.

Alright, that’s pretty much it. I’m watching Restless right now. It’s suppose to be this really good movie with Mia Wasikowska. It’s actually really neat so far. So you go watch that when you’re free. I’ll do a review when I’m done. I’m doing the laundry and watching it at the same time. Oh and typing this. I am the Queen of Multitasking.

I’ll leave you with this link to a video: Shit Girls Say. If I could post the video, I would have. It’s done by this guy who made the Twitter account called Shit Girls Say. And it’s pretty true. It’s basically things most girls say done by a guy. I can’t explain it, so you should watch that. Click the link!


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