2012 Prep Day #3

1/1/2012 is only 13 days away. If you’re wondering how to make the last few days of 2011 a bit special, maybe take time to make this time special for someone else. Here’s a little exercise for you. You can do it while you read:

Close your eyes and think of a person who has made a positive impact on your life this year. 

Imagine that person and how he or she made you feel.

Did you get to thank that person? Does he or she know that they’ve changed you for the better or made you feel good, even if it was for a fleeting moment?

Maybe it’s not just one person, maybe it’s a few people. There is nothing like getting a ‘thank you’ or a ‘I appreciate you in my life’. Those little words can make a person’s day a whole lot better.

So how do you tell this person/these people? Sky-writing? Throw them a party? If you have the means, why not? But for the rest of us who aren’t so blessed as to have the resources for the flamboyant, here are some options:

1. Call the person. If you’re close to the person, just dial their number and tell them. Remind them of the moment that they helped you out or just thank them for their presence in general. “Remember when (relate incident) and you said/did (insert good deed here)? I wanted to thank you because (repeat good deed) was just what I needed.”

2. If you’re not a talker, write to the person. Pick up a pen and send them a note, a postcard perhaps. If you see this person on a regular basis, a Post-It stuck where they will see it. I know I like getting post. It’s always nice to see a letter (which isn’t a bill!) in the mailbox. Send them a thank you card. I guarantee it will be treasured.

3. Worried about the trees? Send them a message electronically. Yes technically, you’ll be typing it out but electronic means are a little different than a physical note. But it does not mean they are any less appreciated. Got his or her number and you’re a little shy on the phone? That’s what text messaging was made for! Or send them an email. Hopefully you’re not sent to the SPAM inbox. Maybe it’s something a famous person has said or done this year that has moved you. Chances are you can’t personally contact him or her. If you have a blog, write out how you feel. You can name the person if you’d like or if there are a few of them, just mention the incident/s and tell them how you feel. It’s your space to express yourself, so take advantage of that.

4. Send them a gift. You don’t have to but if there is something you could make or something that you know would mean a lot to this person and is within you budget, why not get it? Just remember to put some thought into it. Why not make a card out of scratch or embellish one you bought? If you’re sending it to a teacher or a family member or a friend, we all love something that is personalised. It may not be the most beautiful thing in the world but the effort that went into creating the final product would mean a whole lot more than anything money can buy.

People love to feel like they mean something. Who knows?; the little appreciation may go as far as to save someone from going down into a spiral of depression or simply be another highlight of a good day. Regardless, telling a person that they have helped you is a way of giving back. The warmth and love you gain from that is a good way to end 2011.


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