Day 12 – A book you used to love but don’t anymore

Honestly this one is tough. It’s harder than you think to come up with a book that I used to love but stopped. But I found one!

Yes I used to love this book. It appealed to the 10 year old girl I once was. Shadow Girl, which is part of the Nightmare Room series was not scary at all. It was the tale of a young girl, about 12 I think, or something like that, who discovers she has powers!

I can almost see the eye-rolling. Yes, it was sad A.K.A. pathetic. But when you’re 10 and you think Charmed was awesome (alright, I still kinda think Charmed was cool. Then it got bad. But that’s besides the point), Shadow Girl was right up my alley. The writing was alright. The storyline was AH-MAZING then. Keyword: THEN.

When I reread it now, I cringe. I am appalled at how much I liked it. I laugh now at the silly confused child that I was. The storyline isn’t great. There isn’t much logic behind it. The ending was kind of a cop-out. And again, it wasn’t scary. Nothing nightmarish at all. I do not recommend it. If you’re nine and you okay forget it, I still cannot recommend it. I don’t have the heart to scar you.

So yes. Don’t read it.

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