Midnight in Paris

If you ever need to watch a movie that’s just quirky and a bit whimsical, watch Midnight in Paris. I cannot comment on anything without giving away the plot completely. It’s a lovely movie.

Since I cannot tell you what it is, I’ll tell you what it’s not:

It’s not a drama. Hardly anything dramatic happens in it.

It’s not a comedy. There are moments that make you smile but nothing that would have you bent over laughing.

It’s not an action movie. In fact, it has a nice slow pace that allows you to drink in the movie.

It’s not a thriller. Nothing scary or hair raising.

Is it a romance movie? Not in the chick flick category, it isn’t. It’s romantic in the nature of romancing the soul. The city it is set in itself is a character on it’s own. The soundtrack is beautiful. The music suits the setting so well.

So when would this movie be appropriate to watch? When you’re just in the mood for a movie that doesn’t really do anything. Movies that are just so aren’t bad movies. They’re just the kind that you watch and you take away something unexpected. I don’t even know what I’m talking about anymore.

I guess you’ll have to see if it suits you. I liked it.


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