Day 08 – Most overrated book

I have to go with the Twilight Series.

I know I have dear friends like Syazana, Kitty Kat and Serena who adore this series. And so with that in mind, I will not write scathing remarks. I’ll just stick with the MAIN reason I cannot enjoy the books or the movies without tearing down the “love story” or the characters:

It reads like a story on FictionPress. I used to spend hours on that website reading really good stories. (The only reason I stopped was because my favourite authors took down their work because people work stealing their work and passing it off as their own. That is not cool.) Twilight was like a reasonable story that would have an online following. But I personally wouldn’t read stories about vampires. I’ve tried watching stuff with vampires ie: Vampire Diaries but so far the only show involving vampires that I can stand is Angel, and that show ended ages ago. Oh and Buffy which is also really old. The rest.. meh, I cannot be bothered with it. The whole concept of human and vampire is fishy. Vampires used to be the part of folklore that people feared, they were creatures that were damned. Yet now they’re glorified with girls screaming BITE ME at Robert Pattinson.

If you’ve tried to speak to me about Twilight, you know how ridiculous I think it is. So before I further madden my darlings, I’ll stop right here.


2 thoughts on “Day 08 – Most overrated book

  1. LOL… i can’t agree more… the books are actually ok… but the movies totally suck! imagine my brother and i watched because we were too bored and nothing else to watch THEN only we chose to watch it… and we finished the movie in 10 mins i think… XD


  2. Hoish.. I DON’T adore Twilight =p
    I’m more of a Potterhead. ehehe..
    but hey.. no harm in watching and laughing about it later right?! =D


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