Day 10 – Favorite classic book

I forgot about this. SO here’s to continuing the 30 days.

I have to go with The Catcher in the Rye. I picked up the book this year on a whim. It was on The List of Books to Read Before You Die. It is written by J.D.Salinger and set in the 1950’s ish. Holden Caulfield, the lead character leaves school (technically expelled) but instead of returning home, checks himself into a hotel. He hires a hooker but doesn’t want to sleep with her but merely want company. He meets up with an old girlfriend who turns him down when he asks to run away together. He spends his time in the hotel where he bumps into different people. One of my favourite parts is when he speaks to a nun and is immeadiately on his guard. According to Holden, Catholics like to know if you’re Catholic too and drop subtle hints in order to find out.  It is true for me. Silly but true. But much to his surprise, the nun was actually quite pleasing to talk to and he wishes he didn’t have that preconcieved idea.

Holden runs out of money eventually and sneaks home only to be caught by his baby sister, Phoebe who looks up to him.  She keeps his secret and decides to give him what little Christmas money she’s got so he can get by. He feels guilty but she tells him he can return the rest when he comes to see her play. He then stays with a teacher who’s behaviour causes him to run off again. He writes to his sister telling her to meet him at the museum so he can return her money before he heads of West. When he does see her, she has her bags all packed, ready to leave with him. Holden decides then, to stay back and finally go back home.

So I’ve given you the summary of the whole thing and I don’t make it sound half as good as it really is. If you’ve watched Dead Poet’s Society, you’ll know the feel of the book. I liked it. It’s a classic that’s taught in many countries and a good read. It’s not boring, well not to me anyway. If you google “The Catcher in the Rye PDF” you can actually browse through the whole book online or download it. Think about it.


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