an interlude

I just came back from a walk with my dad. I told him about Oxford. The disappointment showed. But he’s supportive and everything which made me want to cry. (insert frustrated scream here) If only I had been a better candidate. If only I could make my parents proud.

I just hope that there is something out there in my future. Edinburgh has always been my top choice so I pray pray pray that I get in there. It would be nice to share some good news with my family you know?

The only upside of not getting the interview with Oxford is that next week I’m going to watch Wicked. The interviews were scheduled for the same days so I would have flown off to UK next Friday, had I gotten the spot. But I didn’t so, Singapore here I come. Mixed feelings over the whole thing now. I’m happy yet I feel so dejected at the same time. oh well.


2 thoughts on “an interlude

  1. Dearest Grace,
    Always, always, always remember that when HE takes something from your grasp it’s just because HE wants to open your hands to receive something even better. Have faith in HIM for HE knows best. Sometimes, most of the time in fact, we think that we know what is best for us. But in reality HE knows better than we do. We’re talking about the being who created the whole world here, not some obscure figure like in The Wizard of Oz. Have faith in HIM, and never, never, never give up or think you’re not worth it. If medicine is truly the best road for you, there will be a great school out there which is just waiting for your application to land in their arms so that they can go, “Ha! This is is the perfect candidate that we’ve been waiting for. Let’s make her an offer immediately.” Cheer up, I still love you even if Oxford doesn’t. 🙂


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