this post is very angry and will definitely leave a bad impression on you

If you read the title, you’ve been duly warned. So yes, I’m angry right now so this post is one of pure hatred.

If you know me, you know I’m not one to plan revenge on a person. I’d get angry but I hardly ever retaliate.

But some tramp did something horrible to my father and I will not stand for it. You see, my dad took a new assistant less than a month ago. She seemed nice. She was hardworking and supposedly, she was a fast learner. In fact, my dad thought he could really mentor her, you know, bring her up to be a proper assistant. Yesterday, he paid her MORE than what she deserved, a full month’s salary even though she started almost to the middle of November.

Guess what the tramp did today?

She left the keys to the place in her desk drawer with a note which basically read “I’m not coming to work tomorrow. Hahaha.. serves you right old man”.

what the hell.

I’ve worked for my dad almost my whole life. Since I could hold my own behind a desk, I’ve been his assistant on and off. I know how my father treats his aids. I’ve sat beside them all my life. I’ve worked as an aid for as long as I can remember. He may be a cranky guy but he doesn’t mistreat you. He makes sure you get your breaks, he makes sure you are paid well. He does everything by the book. He’s not the doting boss but hardly anyone is. He’s particular but he treats you decently.

So what the hell is her problem? She’s only worked for him for a few weeks and she bails? Without any PROPER notice, right after she gets paid. I don’t swear much but she’s a complete bitch. Even if you hate your boss, you have the decency to leave through the correct, moral means. Not leaving a rude note. You tell the person that you need to quit. You write them a letter. You leave with your head held high. You make sure you leave behind a good impression.

Right now, all I can feel is boiling rage towards her. Do you know how hurt my dad is right now? He doesn’t understand what he did to her. No other assistant has ever left the way this viper did. She’s a year younger than me. If you didn’t want the job, you shouldn’t have come asking for it. YOU approached my father. YOU wanted to work for him. He was fine without you. He doesn’t NEED you. If you’re going to be this sorry excuse for a human being, I hope you fail every single thing in your life. I know I sound like a monster but you messed with my family. You don’t get away with that. I’m going to make sure you regret the second the wrote that message, the instant the idea popped into that vacant mind of yours. You started it so live with the consequences.


4 thoughts on “this post is very angry and will definitely leave a bad impression on you

  1. Grace… it’s ok… you don’t have to be angry because of that bitch… it’s not worth it… remember… she probably knows that you or your family are going to be angry or upset because of the note she left… that’s her purpose… so don’t let her succeed! be happy! as long as your dad did not do anything wrong to her, there isn’t a reason for you and your dad to be angry or upset… put that bad feeling behind you… let bygones be bygones… perhaps that thing doesn’t have a brain or she has her brain installed somewhere else… so… hope you’ll be happy again soon! and send my regards to your dad… though he doesn’t know me… =)

    SMILE =D


    1. Thanks Willy. I get what you mean. But it’s SO HARD not to be mad. I was thinking of prank calling her. You know.. call but hang up the minute she picks up. Or just call her multiple times. From a public phone. Just to mess with her mind. :p

      I know I’m a horrible person. Maybe I’ll forgive her tomorrow. Or just forget about it. Thanks though. 🙂


      1. it’s normal to be angry when some scum has done something bad to your family… i’ll also feel the same if i were you… so you are not a horrible person… anyway… just try to get over it… i know it’s easier said than done… but do remember… when you are angry for 1 min… you lose 60 seconds of happiness… not worth it right? haha… so be happy always! (actually if i were you i’ll be so so angry for 2-3 days then start to forget about it… =P)


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