while the roses still cling to the vine

So what have I learnt in the past week or so..?

Self control is hard and sometimes close to impossible. Aaron didn’t win, I lasted longer than Sunday. But along the week, I snuck online a few times, usually to get my stickers on GetGlue and to check my emails (which is a lucky thing because there were pretty important ones). My BMAT test went .. somewhere. hah.

SAT Subject Tests Bio, Chem and Math 2 were alright. Pretty answerable so I’m crossing my fingers for good marks.

Mechanics was alright. Some questions tripped me up but.. I still hope for the best.

Chemistry Paper 4 was okay-ish. A few things were a bit hinky but it’s over.

Physics Paper 4 was terrifically bad. I admit that I was unprepared and I didn’t know what the paper was about. I am a very flawed human being. I never wanted to take Physics this semester but I was “coerced” into it. I never enjoyed the classes and I wish I could rewrite the months since AS. I should have never done the A2 portion. I would have had more time for the other subjects and need not suffer the dreary classes. So “kiddies” (as if there are any kiddies around), remember this: Do what makes you happy. Do what makes you willing to go for class. Do what you know is right for you. Sometimes parents aren’t always right. Don’t let yourself be convinced into something that doesn’t sit well with you at all. 


The last three papers are ahead. I hope I can survive until then. I hope everything works itself out. The month ahead will be about my applications and me. Which is the reason I feel bad about my Physics paper. My parents spend so much for me to just APPLY. I don’t want their hard work to be for nothing, you know? 😦 I don’t want all their efforts to go to waste.


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