In remembrance

Today 6 years ago, I lost a friend. I would like to take this time to write about who she was.

Melanie was special. I know you’ll probably laugh but I met her online. I was new to discovering my faith and I met her on a forum. She was someone I completely admired. She was smart, she was kind and she was ever accepting for people. I was new to the place and she was wonderful to take me under her wing. She helped me so much and helped so many others. She knew what to say, she knew exactly what to do. She had the most beautiful voice and more importantly, the most beautiful heart.

Think of the one person in the whom you think the world of.

That was Melanie to me.

When I found out she passed away I was as shocked as everyone else. Melanie has muscular dystrophy. Her brother passed away from it a few years before she did. It’s sad that I never knew. Towards the end, she couldn’t type so her friends kept the rest of us updated. I remember when I found out, I sad in the corner of my room crying so hard for what seemed like forever. It was one of the saddest days of my life. I couldn’t explain how I felt to anyone. People assume that just because you meet someone online, the person isn’t real. Melanie was real to me. She was there when I needed someone to look up to. She was there to help me out. Then I lost her. I wasn’t alone in my grief, so many of us felt the same loss. Luvena was the only person whom I could talk about it to which I really appreciate. I remember typing emails to her with shaking fingers and tears running down my face. So thank you Luvvy, for being there for me through that horrible time.

Melanie was only 18 when she passed. Every year on this day, I remember her. I think of how much the world has been denied by losing her when she was only just starting out. She had so much more to give. But for the years she had, she did so much. She truly lived knowing well that her disease was one that robbed so many. She lived a life to be proud of and that’s what I want for myself and for all of you.

I don’t know if you’ve ever had your own “Melanie”. Maybe you’ve had a few people in your life that have moved you deeply. Always treasure what you’ve learned from them and always appreciate their presence. Once it’s gone, memories are all you have.

To Melanie.

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