So I am going to be away from this blog and the Internet in general until the 18th of November.

After today’s paper of crap and the late night I had yesterday, I’ve decided that staying away from all this is for the best. The Internet will still be here once it’s over. I don’t want to do badly in A2. I need (so desperately) to do well. I cannot afford to be “bad”. :/ I have big exams coming up apart from A-levels: SAT Subject Tests and BMAT. All in the next week. I wish I had done my SAT earlier!!! :/ So reader, goodbye till November 18th.

Then again, no one is going to miss me because no one reads this.

In case you are actually one of those people who bother enough to care about me, here’s something for you:
To admit this is embarrassing and I realy am cringing while typing this. It’s that bad to me. But I’m going to be honest with you because I need to own up to my own mistakes.
I spent all night last night going through Biology and Mathematics. I didn’t sleep. I pulled my first all-nighter. And guess what? It sucked. I am tired. I am drained mentally, physically and emotionally. I do not recommend studying like that. Nor do I want to EVER do that again. I hate that I resorted to the wonders of cramming. It didn’t do me any good; between the tears and the multiple panic attacks. Biology wasn’t too bad but MATHEMATICS robbed me of all sanity. But what can I do?; it’s over and I look forward. Which is why I have to resist the temptation of the wonders of the Internet. Pray that I have a strong resolve. My brother doesn’t think I’ll make it past Sunday. Let’s prove him wrong huh?


4 thoughts on “hiatus

  1. never trusted the ‘no sleep’ method. you aint alone. i heard people pulling 2 all nighters in a row. surprised they are still alive. no point lacking sleep and then unable to perform, eh?

    maths was epic la. what was that really. oh well. moving on…

    all the best for your other exams =D


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