Johnny English Reborn review

Yes I watched Johnny English yesterday.
Yes I’ve watched the first one before so this is an informed report.

How was the movie? It was good. Like I told Mei Yen right after the movie, it wasn’t completely smart British humour but it was good humour. Rowan Atkinson returns as Johnny English in this sequel (thank goodness they did not replace him because he makes the show) and once again, proves why he is a British national treasure. With the tributes to James Bond (aka the parallels in scenes and use of gadgets), the secret agents of the UK proudly flaunt their expertise in “saving the world”.

So this time, Johnny English (I cannot call him Johnny or English. It has to go together. Like James Bond, you know? Hrm, maybe that was the point of the name) is trying to redeem himself after a certain incident that caused him to run off to Tibet (I think it was) to ‘find himself’. Naturally the whole opening sequence picks up from the trailer (you must have seen that by now right?) so there is a lot to laugh about.

Seeing Gillian Anderson play [SPOILER] “Pegasus” is still weird for me because all I see is Agent Scully from X-Files. I had no clue she was British! The very pretty Rosamund Pike (An Education, Pride and Prejudice) plays a psychoanalyst and our leading man’s love interest in the movie. As usual, Johnny English puts on his “suave” face and of course, gets the girl. (Not a spoiler SINCE obviously he is mirroring James Bond). Dominic West who I recognise from “The Hour” plays the top secret agent of MI7. He pulls off Secret Agent very well. I’m surprised no one considered him as one of the many future 007’s.

A fresh face on the list of cast members is Daniel Kaluuya as Special Agent Tucker, Johnny English’s partner. The admiration in Tucker’s face for his “mentor” is well acted out by Kaluuya and he carried his role very well. In fact, I kinda like Tucker more than Johnny English. Kinda. There are really funny scenes with Atkinson and Kaluuya which I hope makes you laugh and cringe as much as I did.

The baddies in the show are pretty entertaining. Sure some of them don’t last longer than 5 minutes on screen but hey, they did their job. Hah. The plot of the story isn’t complicating or twisted. In fact once the main elements are in place, you already know “whodunnit”. But with Johnny English there is bound to be a lot of bumbling along the way and moments where the audience including yours truly groan due to his stupidity.

If you’re looking for a laugh, go watch Johnny English. Don’t go in expecting the complexities of a J.J.Abrams movie. Go without any expectations and enjoy yourself. I’m restraining myself from writing down any of the funny bits in detail so you can enjoy them for yourself.

It wasn’t amazing but it was fun; sometimes, that’s all you really need in a movie right?


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