Last week of August

A good friend of mine has officially left our class today. Dear Owen, I shall miss your high pitched “Hi” responses to my own. I shall miss your loud voice from the back of the class. I shall miss your random bursts of energy. I shall miss you very very much. I know I’ll still see you around but it still sucks that you’re not going to be part of S1 through the next few months but regardless, you’ll always be one of us. 🙂

So the week has gone by and I have learned a few things:

1. Procrastination is a complete arse.

The late nights and the tears that came with my “old friend” are not worth it. The feeling that you’re out of control is not worth it. Remember kiddies, don’t make friends with “Mr Procrastination”, he’s a complete jerk who lies to your face and makes promises he knows he will never keep.

2. Friendships are important.

Yes indeedy, isn’t that a complete shocker? Friendships are what kept me sane. Knowing that I have buddies out there who are struggling as hard as I am makes things better. Having friends who are hard workers that motivate you to be a better person makes life worth it. Having people you can count on to complain with you, to laugh with you, to basically utter gibberish with you makes the world an amazing place to live in. I treasure each and everyone of my friends more than ever because you girls and guys are there for me in little ways that help me cope. I know who the real ones are now more than ever.

3. Forgive and forget?

Well that’s a little hard now isn’t it? I guess I’m a very judgmental person and I hold people to high standards. In my head, I see the way people could be or should be. When someone lets me down it sucks. Especially when you love that person. I cannot believe how upsetting it is when you are hurt by those closest to you. When you talk to them because you truly care, they snap back. Their words can cut so deep. I should be used to it by now. But every disappointment sucks. Maybe I shouldn’t have such high hopes for people. Then again, maybe this is God’s way of telling me to pray, pray, pray.

4. Versatility

Sure my plans for furthering my education have been recently shifted. Certain details about certain schools have come to light and it would be pointless to spend so much on an education which probably will not be of real value in the future. Not the knowledge of course, but the accreditation. A few tweaks here and there doesn’t seem to be like a bad idea. It’s actually better in the long term.

All in all this week has been an informative and educational one. I have next week off from classes due to the Hari Raya break. I like breaks but sadly this one is going to be full of books. I’m glad that I’m seeing Kitty Kat and Serena on Tuesday for our annual Harry Potter movie outing. At least I know I’ll enjoy that day. A2 mocks is right after the holiday week so my books and I shall be better acquainted by then.Especially Physics and I. I’m going to force myself to really comprehend all the equations and facts that don’t quite make sense right now.


PS: not that anyone cares but Doctor Who is coming back this weekend. You cannot even begin to imagine my delight.

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