applications schapplications

It is crunch time when it comes to applications. The UCAS form is due this Friday and I’m still having problems with my personal statement. It is harder than it looks especially after being told that your work isn’t good enough. Simply, this whole process stinks.

Some days I just wish that I was back in July last year, starting out. I wish I had began preparation then. Best advice I could ever give to someone starting A-Levels: prepare early or feel the weight of it in the end. Damn my inconsistency.

Next Thursday, results are out. THAT is another drama waiting to unfold. How sure am I about my grades? Not sure at all. Maybe Maths wouldn’t be too bad. But everything else is up in the air. Sure I’ll cross my fingers and toes, praying that it’s a nice, spiffy A staring back at me for all the subjects. Sadly this is not SPM. Grades do not come as easily. I can only hope that things turn out for the better.

Trials are on the first week of September. Great. Someone please explain to me the genius of making AS a year long and A2 crammed into the extremely short span of 2 months. Do Malaysian colleges think both teachers and students are superheroes. I bet Batman would have a heck of a time going through what most A-level students go through. Then again, he’s a rich kid so repeating pre-u wouldn’t have been an issue.

So what possible good news is there?

Cowboys and Aliens is out next Thursday. ha.



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