Captain America review

This movie was far better than people credit it to be.

I went into the cinema having a preconceived notion that it would suck. The only positive review I got for this movie was from a class mate of mine aka Mei Yen. She said it was pretty much like any other superhero movie, and yes, it was. The good ones.

Captain America tells the tale of obviously, Captain America. Set in an altered version of 1940-something, Steven Rogers, the wimp who gets beaten up every other day, enlists to join the army to fight the Nazis. Through a series of events, he does and becomes the next superweapon. I’m trying to keep this spoiler free (and that is quite a task, people) so I’ll just say this: I was wrong about the movie.

I thought it was going to be the swaggering hero who gets the babe and saves the day. I am pleasantly surprised that it isn’t. It was sweet and sad, touching at parts. Sure, I’m a girl so I am easily moved. But heck, Aaron thought it was good and he read the comics. According to him, it was pretty spot on. So comic-geeks who like their action hero’s by the “book”, this should be a crowd pleaser. If you watched Iron Man and Thor, this would make more sense to you.

It’s nice to see a movie with a pro-army message. Unlike “Avatar” which basically made the military men out to be the bad guys of the world, Captain America speaks for those who really care about their country and truly give their all. The movie is not without cliches. Sure there are those lines that make you roll your eyes because of the cheesiness but overall it’s endearing, not sickly sweet. There was a moment near the start that was shockingly touching and unexpected. (sure the people who watched the movie with me laughed. CLEARLY some Malaysians do not understand the subtlety of scenes).

Animation wise, the skinny-to-buff effect was well done. I applaud the creative genius behind this movie and decision to not use a body-double. It was quite believable for the most part.

If I were to talk about the storyline anymore, I’d end up giving a lot away. So on to the actors.

Tommy Lee Jones was in this movie. I had no idea until I saw the poster outside the cinema. It has been ages since I’ve watched a movie with him in it and boy, it was good. He got the best lines and did US Army General really well.

Dominic Cooper of Mamma Mia and An Education fame was also in it as Howard Stark (cough cough). He can do an American accent damn freaking well. He had the charm and appeal of the Stark family so choosing him was good casting.

JJ Feild from Northanger Abbey (unless you’re an Austen fan like me, you don’t know what the heck I’m talking about) and whenever he was on screen I clapped to myself. What can I say, I like his face. And I liked him in Northanger Abbey so I’m biased.

Not that most of you care but Hugo Weaving (aka Elrond aka V from V for Vendetta) was in it as the “bad guy”. It was so bizarre watching the Elf Lord be bad. Then again, V was a vigilante so playing a bad guy was clearly next in line for this brilliant actor.

Stanley Tucci’s is good at accents isn’t he? French, German, American. He can do anything. I’m glad he’s been nominated for an Oscar before. He needs to get one soon.

and finally, hats off to Chris Evans. I’ve only seen him in movies where he plays the cocky cool guy but here, he managed to pull of innocence and sincerity. I bought his story. I’m awfully judgemental so he did a good job for me to be pleased.

So to the sceptics out there, you should reconsider watching this movie. It isn’t half as bad as the reviewers say it was. If you have cash to spare, spend your two hours in the cinema. I thought my time was worth it.

PS: as usual, look out for Stan Lee.


One thought on “Captain America review

  1. i do agree on your insights. it might be said that its a typical superhero movie but this one has…let’s just say a poignant and courageous disposition not just for the title character but to the supporting cast as well. (Tucci and Atwell made it more apparent) nice read 🙂


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