June/July redux

At least someone noticed. 🙂 thank you.

The Biology classes had our first ever Paper 4 test which believe me was not any fun. I wish that I had more time to think through my answers. I’m glad I managed to answer everything but whether or not the answers were remotely correct is another story altogether. Ah well.

Tomorrow I’m sitting for my IELTS exam. Honestly, I’m not ready for it one bit. I’m not going to lie and say I studied for it. I didn’t. I looked through formats and a few reading questions but all in all, I’m going tomorrow with a “deer in headlights” look. Again, this is due to mismanagement of time.

I stopped piano classes for now. I just feel that it would be a waste of money if I went for classes without doing the work. I’d be taking up my dear teacher’s time and spending hard earned cash that would best be used for the other standardised tests that I’ll have to sit for in applying to university. Sheesh. Why does education cost so much? It costs a whole lot more just to apply and it’s not as if you are guaranteed a place in the school.

But if all this effort on my parents and my part works out and I’ll be wearing orange and black (even if its horribly unflattering) this time next year, I’ll be very happy. If everything works out the way I dream it will, I’ll be over the moon.

On another note, I got a package from a good friend in the post last week. Zerobriant, the designer I mentioned a few posts ago sent me a shirt. Its the same design Aaron bought me but THIS ONE FITS!! 🙂 And he sent it to me for free since I’m a friend and technically a superfan and because I was wailing about how much I wanted the shirt not knowing Aaron bought one for me. I am so blessed to have people who care enough to make me happy. I am very lucky that way.

I’m off to cram whatever information regarding IELTS I can into my very tired brain tonight. Maybe tomorrow will be tolerable.


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