Day 04 – Favorite book of your favorite series

As I mentioned in the previous post, my favourite book from the HP series is Goblet of Fire. Why?
1. Quidditch Cup
Come on, Quidditch is always cool. And the brilliant outcome of Ireland wins but Krum catching the Snitch was just epic. The idea that a tent could be as big as a house fascinated me. I remember the part during their camping when they saw a kid scream YOU BUST SLUG! YOU BUST SLUG! when his sister stepped on the slugs that he made.

2. Triwizard Tournament
The introduction to other interesting facts about the Wizarding World can never be a bad thing. The Triwizard Cup is one of the more interesting and entertaining events, especially the Goblet of Fire that “spits out” the names of the people who would be joining. Of course, the Weasley twins antics to put their name in was the most amusing of that part.

3. Viktor Krum
The Bulgarian Seeker was the reason for the game changer in the Ron and Hermione’s relationship and I thank him for that. haha. It was nice to see some jealousy in Ron when Krum chose Her-my-own-nee and his resentment towards her for “fratinising with the enemy”.

4. The return of Ol Voldie
Voldemort came back with a bang. He killed kid, threatened Potter and disappeared. as usual.


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