introducing: Zerobriant

Since I’ve mentioned TeeFury before, I thought I’d mention a shirt designer who’s work I ADORE. Mainly because he’s made such genius Doctor Who and Star Wars shirts. I’ve been meaning to do this a while back but exams came up.



This guy lives in the Philippines, nurse by day and Whovian T-Shirt designer by night. And he’s such a nice guy. He ACTUALLY replies when you talk to him, unlike a lot of people I follow on FB and Twitter. The one thing I like about his designs is that he takes into account what the “consumers” want. He posts up the preliminary designs and gets comments on what should be improved or any suggestions his fans make. So when the shirt comes out, people feel that its “their” shirt because what they mention has been taken into account. He asks what designs we would like to see and then tweaks the ideas to come up with what I consider ‘pure genius’.

Enough of my gushing, here’s some of his work.

The Swan Queen Amidala Design

He dedicated this shirt to me so HAHAHAHHAHA (this is me gloating because someone bothered to dedicate a design to me)

Save Rory Williams (a Doctor Who character that gets killed off every other episode)
Poked to Death (Death Star-Pokeball)
This was based on a "password" from an episode of DW. It was "Crimson, Eleven, Delight, Petrichor". So genius shirt.
Whombies. From the preliminary design and the edits done with the comments provided by fans like myself.
Smurf vs Ninja/Zombie/Robot/Pirate

AND he gives away free Stickers or T-Shirts to EXTREMELY LUCKY people. I haven’t won anything so far but I shall not give up hope!! Here’s the latest giveaway. I love this design because all of you know how obsessed I am with Doctor Who.

Eleven Doctors

3 thoughts on “introducing: Zerobriant

  1. OMG! I really like this blog!! you are the sweetest Cath!! 😀 You just made my day..i can see double rainbow!! 😀 Thank you, I really appreciate this :DD made me blush too :DD


  2. hehe. a part of my day is to search for those who follow zero. and those who are entering my contest 😀 so surprised to see this before you even tell me to 😀 haha.:D thanks again, i love it!


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