I need to take my own advice and sort my own head out right now. I cannot trust myself to be disciplined enough to focus. I wasted a lot of time which could have been devoted to my books and my future. Instead, I wasted it here in the virtual world.

Since all the shows I’ve been following religiously are over till September or on hiatus for the next few weeks, I too shall make my exit from the World Wide Web on weekdays and only go online for two hours on the weekend to answer emails or check any important details. I must stop putting my life on the line. I need redirect my compass to get where I should be in my life map. I can’t be going round in circles or taking the numerous steps backwards that I have been doing these past few weeks.

After my giant flub of a weekend, I do not know how Physics Paper 2 is going to go tomorrow. I can only cross my fingers and say a quick prayer to hope it goes remotely well.

Since I don’t have many readers my leaving of this blog is not going to cause someone’s universe to fall apart. I take my leave then. I am tired of regrets.


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