You know what sucks?

When you get so emotionally
attached to a television show that you bawl your eyes out when a character get killed. THAT is what I have been doing for the past hour watching the latest episode of BONES. They killed off my favourite squitern (next to Zack of course), Vincent Nigel-Murray. I didn’t think I would cry so much if one of the squints was killed but when he was actually gunned down the dam broke. I literally cried like a baby. Thankfully my mom is not home and Aaron is a heavy sleeper. I feel like I’ve been punched in the gut. I really am sad. Its ridiculous how much I liked his character. DAMN you Hart Hanson for making me cry.

James Durbin got voted off American Idol. Personally I don’t care anymore. I think Scotty is going to win and he should because he is such a performer, and it is high time they got another AI winner who’s a country star. So yes, although I thought James was talented, if I could vote, I’d vote for Scotty.

Chemistry practical yesterday was miserable. I didn’t do too well. I really felt like crying after the exam. The first two parts weren’t troubling but the Qualitative Analysis part was horrible. Oh well its over. What can I do huh? 😦 😦 On to the next 9 papers. Hopefully they’ll be less of a bitch that yesterday’s.


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