the Royal Wedding

I know its weird for a non-British resident to be blogging on the Royal Wedding but I have to.

Why are we all so obsessed with royalty? I personally blame Disney for this.

Come on people. Since we were kids, we were taught that little girls should be princesses and little boys should be princes. Nothing wrong with that. Royalty has often been associated with class, etiquette and propriety which we should all aspire to. I do believe that the idea of being a princess or a prince (or a duchess/duke/lord/lady etc) is something little kids want to be. Ask most little girls and they want to be like Princess (insert random character name here). Most boys want to be the villain (ha ha ha) but I’m guessing inside they all really wanted to be the hero of the show.

Then reality sets it and we outgrow baby tiaras and “poofy” skirts.

But deep down, we secretly still harbour the longing to be royalty or at least experience the royalty we’ve seen on the telly. Its always fun to see the Queen or someone with a fancy title. (Though not necessarily the royalty of our own country. Sorry for being unpatriotic but that’s how I honestly feel) The whole world went insane over Catherine Middleton (now Duchess of Cambridge/Princess William -yes Princess William, get over it-) and Prince William announced their engagement. From being the “Waity Katie”  of the press, she was the well-loved style icon in less than 24 hours. Clearly, we love the royals no matter how ridiculous we think they are and  how pointless we sometimes feel their presence is.

Prince Rainier and Princess Grace

I guess from what we have had ingrained in us since we were children, there’s that magic about being a royal. When the late Princess Grace Kelly, a Hollywood actress married Rainier III, Prince of Monaco the world cheered. She played a princess in “The Swan” with Alec Guinness so seeing her becoming a REAL princess was such a novel idea. People fell in love with her even more. She looked the part and she acted the part. What more, she was happily married until her unfortunate death. Her husband never remarried.

Princess Diana and Prince Charles

When the late Princess Diana married Prince Charles, though it was forced, people fawned over her again. She was beautiful and she was truly the Princess of the people. She was an inspiration to people. She took part in a lot of humanitarian efforts, post-divorce. People cried at her funeral and the royal family, prompted by Tony Blair, did a proper and public funeral to recognise how much she meant to the world.

Now with Catherine Middleton its a different story. She met Prince William about 10 years ago in St.Andrew’s University and they’ve been together (off and on) ever since. The press has been cruel to her among the years. She was called a bunch of names and people assume that she was with Prince William because of the obvious, he’s a prince. She bore it all with grace and never spoke out. She never said a word but kept her head down and kept her dignity. And all her waiting finally paid off. Now she’s married to a prince. People say they aren’t in love but really people, how can they not be? If she could be patient for this whole time, if she was willing to bear with the world looking at her through a microscope (periscope and telescope), she loves him and him, her. I don’t see how people could say anything to the contrary.

Little things that were said in private but were translated by lip-readers working for the news networks :

From Prince Harry to Prince William when Catherine walked in – “Alright. Here she is.”
Prince William to Catherine when she joined him at the altar- “You look lovely. You look beautiful.” and a little later “I’m sorry. It was suppose to be a small family affair.”
Catherine to Prince William after they got married and were seated in the carriage- “I’m so happy.”
Prince William to Catherine at Buckingham Palace, on the balcony- “Should we kiss?”

I did watch the whole thing. I am a sucker for fancy things like this. It was like a fairy-tale come to life. She was a common girl and he was a prince. It was like Cinderella, sans the stepmother crap. And yes, I did watch it, the cynic that I am. She was beautiful and he looked like a real prince. Her dress was very much like the one Grace Kelly wore. I always thought Grace Kelly’s dress was the epitome of beauty (as she was as a person). I felt happy for her, happy for them. I smiled when they did the “balcony kiss” twice. It was cute to see them trying to not smile and look too happy when they looked at each other. And it was amusing when William took a while putting the ring on her finger because it didn’t fit so well.

Yes yes, it was a lot of money. And yes, that money could have been used for other stuff. But I think most of the British public wouldn’t have it any other way. Did you see the crowds that came out to wave at the couple? Its the little child in us that loves the idea of royalty.

I am happy for the couple. They are happy and they are in love. Its sweet that they waited long enough and were true to each other the whole time. A lot of people don’t have that. I hope that they will last. I hope they’ll love each other as much as Queen Victoria loved Crown Prince Albert.

So today, I take off my Resident Cynic hat and send my well wishes to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William and Catherine Middleton. May they live . . . happily ever after. (i couldn’t resist :p )

Dress designed by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen
Princess Grace & the Duchess of Cambridge
The wedding ceremony. Catherine's dad looked sad letting her go.
The balcony kiss (note the unhappy flower girl on the left)

Random fact, today is Saint Catherine of Siena’s feast day. She is my patron saint when I took the name Catherine for Confirmation. I’m glad that the Anglican bishops recognised that in giving their sermon at their wedding. Traditionally, Catholics (those days) used to get married on either spouse’s patron saint feast day. Funny how for Catherine Middleton, it kinda worked out that way even is she was Anglican. My mom kept going on and on that Westminster Abbey was originally a Catholic Church and Catholics are the reason the church looks that good.

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