Stephen Fry

I am bored and yes I know my exams are a month away but I’ve decided to write a series of posts about My Favourite People. On this list are not my friends (though I love you all to bits) but people in the limelight or are relatively famous, who I basically follow like a puppy. To start this off, let’s begin with the genius: Stephen Fry


I came home from dinner yesterday and my dad was flicking through the news channels. I am not a “news” person, so I felt my eyes glaze over until I saw:

For the first time ever, I demanded that we watch CNN. Stephen Fry was on! 🙂 As I have mentioned him before in my review of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and the Book of General Ignorance, you expect me to be extremely excited on seeing him.

It was towards the end of the interview but the lady asked him about QI and whether it was hard not laughing at the absurd things that pop up on the show. I was really pleased that he mentioned the Acropolis blunder he made on one of the shows; the fact that he acknowledged that people LOVE that clip on YouTube made me laugh. 🙂 They talked about him being Gordon Wyatt on Bones and Alice in Wonderland, and also the other projects he had coming up. Such tantalising spoilers for me 🙂

I really really really love Stephen Fry. The genius of the man! He wrote some episodes of Blackadder and is best friends with Hugh Laurie (they made the comedy act “Laurie and Fry” AND they roomed together in Cambridge). He is pure talent. Come on people, he wrote a book with Douglas Adams!!

Yes, yes, none of you probably get my enthusiasm but Stephen Fry is such a personality that you must get to  know.


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