Cyberman from Doctor Who

Because the Daleks (also from Doctor Who) like to Exterminate people. Yes, it IS their tagline.

Its Valentine’s Day again and THAT’s how I’m celebrating it; with aliens. haha. I know some of us may feel a teensy bit left out because we’re “alone” while everyone else is snogging each other’s face off. But the love celebrated need not be romantic love but the love for a friend or for a pet or for your family. or for a television show about aliens (har har har). or love for a faithful reader (or a one-off one) who bothers about my silly blog.

Happy Valentine’s Day to you dear reader. I love you for caring enough to stop by.

To those who are miserable enough today to think “I’ll be lonely forever!” or “WHEN WHEN WHEN”, here’s a little comic I’d like you to look at. It may make you feel better. It’s by Rachel Nabors, who I came across around four years ago. Its not fantastic artwork but its far better than anything I could ever come up with. But it’s the message of this particular comic that I want to share with you.

Here it is→  Love Can Wait

And if like me, you believe today is more than just flowers and candy, here’s a post that came up on FreshlyPressed that I thought was pretty nice: CLICKY ME

Happy Valentine’s Day to you. I hope you have a good day no matter what.

completely unrelated and inspired by the new FOX TV show “Traffic Light”:


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