faffing about

I am fuming today for no real reason. Alright a few reasons.

I usually go for the earliest mass on Sundays and my parents decided to wake up later. So I was bubbling with anger because of that. Great start to the day right?

Then I was glaring at the Chemistry practical stuff that we were suppose to do as homework and I couldn’t answer a single thing. So that revved up the mood to boiling with anger.

Then I realised tomorrow was Valentine’s Day which I don’t quite believe in so I continued simmering.

Flashback to the sinking feeling on Friday, staring at the worst ever Biology mark I have ever got and I wanted to break something.

So yes today I am cranky beyond compare. I shouldn’t be but I am. The heat of Malaysia is definitely not helping. I would like to take a hammer to this computer right now but if I do that, I’ll get a scolding and probably be hammered too.

So there. This is today. Damn


4 thoughts on “faffing about

  1. Every thing appears to suck today :/ But you’ll get over it in no time I bet. Study hard and all the best! 🙂

    P/s : Hope to bump into you sooooooon when I start! 😀


  2. Same here. My endometrium is shedding so all the weird feelings start coming. Nothing you can do but take it one step at a time. Breathe. and turn on the A/C at full blast for goodness sakes.


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