blackpool 2




THAT people is Blackpool. Yes the ohSOlameNAME my dad gave the dog. Aaron found it walking around and he took it in. We checked with the nearby vets and pet shops but no one reported a missing Schnauzer. The dog had diarrhea (AKA it was wandering around for a long time and eating rubbish) so we had to bring it to the vet. It stayed there the past 3 days. My mom took it for a haircut and bath in the pet shop we always go to and so it looks like that. 😀

Its a pretty sweet dog. It doesn’t really bark except when my two ‘siblings’ bark at it. My dad wanted to keep “Blackpool” but sadly the two monsters I have don’t want him. Naturally it’ll take 2 weeks or so before the dogs could ever get used to each other but the nights of barking would piss off the neighbours. Soh! My mom sent the dog to my uncle in Serdang. He’s always wanted a doggy and now he does. 🙂 AND I get to see the dog whenever we go to see my uncle. WIN-WIN. hahahah. 😀

sorry to Mel-Mel who wanted to see the dog. It would have been havoc if it stayed the night.


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