New Dawn by Arthur Secunda

I’m guessing you all know why I chose that picture to start this post. A New Dawn signifies so many things. The start of something new, shedding the past, forgiveness and even triumph (Gandalf coming to the aid of Rohan in the Battle of Helm’s Deep in LotR at dawn. Yes I must add some geeky-ness to start the year, its part of me so deal with it). That painting is gorgeous though. Beautiful play of colours.

I slept a little over 2 am last night as I stayed up to watch:

Some of you may know David Foster to be one of the greatest producers and songwriters EVER! And my (totally freaking awesome) piano teacher was raving about the David Foster and Friends concert after she bought the DVD a while back, so I managed to watch it last night after over a year since it came out. It had my favourite singers: Andrea Bocelli, Josh Groban, Michael Buble, Katharine McPhee, Brian McKnight, Renee Olstead and the rest. Charice Pempengco (my Filipino “cousin” :p ) was chosen to sing David Foster’s “Bodyguard” hit songs and as usual blew the crowd away.  Can you believe that she is his goddaughter?!?! Lucky girl. (Yes I am seething with jealousy. but she deserves it after all her family has been through. Mabuhay Filipino!) I am glad I did stay up, it was well worth it. 🙂 Although the song Eric Benet sang was quite.. erm.. I have no real words to say but .. hah. I have no words to describe it. Explicit maybe? But not quite.. yet it is at the same time. @@

My mom and uncle have fallen sick, so last night we just had a quiet dinner. My Lola, mom and brother took Tito Boboy to the hospital today. I hope this isn’t the way the rest of 2011 is going to be. I pray for good health and happy memories for my family and friends. I am a little terrified I admit. Its such a big year. This time next year, I would be done with A-levels and I’d be going to university or at least in the process of applying/ getting accepted. Growing up is so hard and scary. Remember when we were all kids and couldn’t wait to be “old”. I’m sure we all agree that it is quite the opposite now.

Scary and exciting. me oh my. Happy New Year all!!


and lets be lame and notice that its 1.1.’11


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