My mom decided to send my relatives off. And the drama of that. We got lost on the way from Serdang to LCCT (my mom was freaking out. FREAKING OUT and apologising to her brother’s family who weren’t even in the car at that time cos we took two cars. yes i am badly explaining this) , so we arrived 20 mins before the flight time (3pm). When we got there the flight tickets has issues. My uncle and his family were stranded there until 6 something. I was stuck babysitting the 4 of 5 creatures (one was a 3 week old baby so she couldn’t walk yet, THANKFULLY) in LCCT. Imagine.. I’m in wedges, chasing after 4 kids running in 4 different directions. @@

THEN my mom decided to take the 2 boys and the baby and my aunt back home. THAT was 4 something. Then my dad called cos his car got stalled on the way back from work. So we had to go get him. Dad with his fever called every few minutes shouting WHERE ARE YOU? DO YOU KNOW WHERE I AM? HOW LONG MORE? bla bla bla. and he demanded the AIA number for towing cars. My mom didn’t have it on her so we called Aaron. AND then the drama of finding where the number was (that took ages), getting the AIA people to pick up (a LONG timeeeeee) and then dealing with the number of holds. Gosh.

My dad was pissed when we picked him up. My aunt and her 3 kids along with me were squeezed at the back trying to be insignificant. Such a crappy ride home. My mom was miffed at my brother’s incompetency at home, my dad miffed at my mom.

argh… the drama drama drama. I am SICK of drama drama drama.

THEN I see the HORRIBLE PUNYA timetable I am facing next week. I do not want to go back to class. I want to sleep for the next few years. Can someone freeze me up ala Abigail in Doctor Who: A Christmas Carol.


3 thoughts on “beat

  1. Ohmygosh totally insane drama. If i were you gracie i wouldnt be in such a calm situation. And yes, trust me about the handling KIDS KIDS KIDS part. They really drive u up the wall. @@


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