Christmas Cheer

My babies that you should be familiar with. haha. 🙂


Tiny (yes creative much :p)
Maximus Claudius Aurelius (after Russell Crowe's character in Gladiator)

Those have nothing to do with what I want to post really. I thought I’d give you a little peek into what my mom and I did to decorate the house for Christmas. 🙂

The staples we have for Christmas are the Nativity set, the Tree and poinsettia flowers. But this year, we finally put up the Jesse Tree. Its basically a tree with ornaments commemorating the important events leading up to the birth of Jesus. A Catholic tradition which many people forget. So the following are bits and pieces of what my house looks like. I’m no rich kid and we make do with improvisation. I will not apologise for the lack of aesthetic in what we’ve done. I know God loves us for trying our best anyway. 😀 But I’m apologising for the bad photography. My camera is SUPER old and my hands were shaky. Bear with it.

This is my FIRST slideshow on my blog. How exciting.

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My Lola, Tito Nonoy, Tita Bel, Ian and Inday Gamay are coming tomorrow. 🙂 My first time meeting my baby cousin. Christmas preparations will be taking up most of my time so blogging shall be cacat-ed during the next few days. But hardly anyone reads this anyway. My mom ordered a birthday cake for Jesus so everyone really remembers the reason for the season.

Happy CHRISTMAS to you. 🙂