Semangat M’sia!

The reality of Malaysian subtitles (in cinemas people, not necessarily cetak rompak DVDs).. sad but OH SO true. We’ve all been there right? 😀

Something SAD about Malaysian subtitles…

I was watching NCIS (which stands for Naval Criminal Investigative Service) and naturally it was about the Navy. There was a line that went something like this : I’m sure the returning vets years ago (something something). The ah-mazing translations were “Saya pasti doktor haiwan yang pulang tahun-tahun dahulu…”.


you’d think the translator understood that “vets” was short for “veterans”. honestly! The funniest one I’ve ever seen was the THS on Heidi Klum where the narrator mentioned she went on to work for Victoria Secret. The translation went “Dia mula bekerja untuk Victoria Station“. HAHAHAHAHAHA… who knows? the guy may have been dared to type that. 😀

I am proud to be Malaysian. right.


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