Concerns persist regarding the quality of medical graduates and the Government is preparing a number of initiatives to finetune the system.

here is an article from the Star Newspaper regarding the quality of our new doctors from the “cheap” medical schools. Someone told me that these countries do produce quality doctors. Right…

HOW hard is it to tell the difference between a sleeping patient and a cyanosed one who is on course to meet his maker?

Observing the simple rise and fall of one’s chest would be a good start. Checking for a pulse would be another and observing that the patient has turned blue is an absolute must.

However, the obvious did not happen in the case of one Pak Abu, who was deemed to be sleeping by house officers.

Fortunately, an observant doctor on his last rounds came into the picture and Pak Abu was resuscitated.

The three house officers in charge, who graduated from Russian and Ukrainian universities, were reprimanded for negligence, and things went from bad to worse when it was discovered that they did not know the basics of resuscitation or what an oxygen face mask was.

clearly education there has taught them well. (sarcasm people, if you didn’t recognise it)

“In some hospitals, there are more housemen than patients,” said Dr Jeyaindran, who is also the head of medicine at the Health Ministry.

now that’s scary. Housemen that aren’t qualified fighting over who gets to treat a patient. I’m glad I don’t have to go to hospitals to get treatment.

Many advocate amending the Medical Act 1971 to make the Medical Qualifying Examination compulsory for all students, as students from recognised schools could also fall short of expected standards.

Currently, the exam is only administered to students from unrecognised foreign medical schools.

Highlighting the case of a top student from a Ukrainian university who failed the exam, the lecturer said that the different methods of training was an obstacle too big for some.

Okay, everyone who’s interested in being a doctor, DO NOT GO TO UKRAINE!

here’s a snippet from an article from the same newspaper a few weeks back:

In addition, there are unsubstantiated reports that some underworked and unsupervised housemen in a Klang Valley hospital would watch movies during their shift. A medical officer who wished to remain anonymous said, “It was because they knew that the medical officers (senior doctors) would just do the work instead.”

Now this would make anyone question being a doctor as there are WAY too many of them in Malaysia. But I think the case is more of people wanting to become doctors for the wrong reasons. I know first hand that being a doctor is one of the most mentally and physically taxing jobs in the world which does not give you great monetary returns. So if you’re thinking of being rich, please, go take up actuarial science. Medicine is not the career for you.

Its sad that some parents push their kids into the medical field. All they’re doing is producing more unhappy doctors who will be negligent and resent their patients. No wonder in the US, you need a degree before you get into medical school… maturity and independence is key. Here, you just have to sweet talk your way into a medical school with the right grades and presto, you’re on your way to getting the title “Dr.”. If you don’t have to cash to do it locally, you go overseas to a unrecognised school (or recognised BY ONLY MALAYSIA and perhaps INDONESIA) and get a degree which won’t take you anywhere. I won’t take up medicine if I have to go to a less than reputable school.. its not worth it at all. You’ll be paying for an education that is not accredited by most worldwide boards.

Malaysia has more medical schools than India! India who has one of the largest populations in the world!! We’re churning out wayyyyy to many doctors and as the pieces above state, unqualified ones.

Medicine is not joke as anyone knows. I wonder why so many people play around with it.


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