voyage of the dawn treader

In my opinion it was pretty good. Its not as epic as the first two as the story line of the book wasn’t as dramatic. They did change things here and there compared to what C.S. Lewis originally wrote which I am disappointed in. The worst thing is that they took out the last scene in the book where Aslan changes from a lamb into a lion, which is a key scene. But then again it is Hollywood so they would try to minimize Christian imagery as much a possible. But they kept true to the subtle messages. I found myself in tears at certain parts as I could relate to how the characters felt in the light of them giving into temptation and having the little doubts in God.

As you probably know this is the second last book Edmund and Lucy appear in (the last being the final installment to the series). I think I died a little inside when I saw Lucy and Edmund leave. It was horribly depressing. I’ve always felt like I could relate to Lucy and knowing I would not see her onscreen in the next movie was sad. It was nice that the writers of the script put in the last scene mentioning Jill Pole; I think they did that for the fans of the books.

This movie was more for the readers than it was for the audience who just watched the films. My dad didn’t enjoy it as much as he did the last one. I guess if you understood the subtext it would be quite enjoyable.

But the boy who played Eustace was talented. Great acting on his part. 😀 He was completely believable in his role. The right amount of ‘annoying’ without being a complete arse. I applaud him and I cannot wait to see him in The Silver Chair. I’m sure C.S.Lewis would have been proud of his portrayal.

If you read the books, you’ll find the movie a delight. If you haven’t, give it a shot, you never know. But read this review, its much more reliable; the guy is a C.S. Lewis scholar.


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