Dream Evil

As some of you may know, Aaron was really into the metal genre about 2 years ago or so. And it was kinda freaky having your brother listen to music where people scream half the time. Some were quite melodious, some was pure crap. But this video right here was the best thing ever.

Do watch that and try to understand why I love it.

Love it meaning literally LAUGH OUT LOUD every single time I hear it or watch the music video.

1. The costumes.

2. The lyrics.

“Am I a wannabe? Have I no dignity?
“The only I want  is what my parents don’t”
“No need no flashy house, no kids or ugly wife”
“Wear nothing but black skin tight leather”

3. The awesome drummer who goes “IN THE BOOK OF HEAVY METAL” at 0.44 and the other chorus parts.

4. The “heavy metal god” who goes “TO BE OR NOT TO BE” at 3.04.

5. Did I mention the rocking drummer?! He sells the video so well. Awesome hair. SO FUNNY. hahahahahahahahah. I kid you not. haha.

6. The LAME poses the lead singer does. 🙂

I do appreciate the guitar solo. That guy can really play. and head banging comes easy with it. Its actually a nice song. FUNNY nice

I’m so sorry for dissing metal fans but this is SO FUNNY. I have no idea if the band was completely serious in making the video. I hope they weren’t because its such a hilarious one.



3 thoughts on “Dream Evil

    1. the lyrics make me think of some whiny 15 year old boy screaming in his room cos his parents “don’t understand him”. HAHAHAH. that video cheers me up every time. so funny 🙂


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