Yay for the holidays that have finally arrived. 🙂 I am beat after barely sleeping the last two nights due to exams. But I am grateful they’re done with. 🙂 Tomorrow Jessica and Melanie are coming over to bake stuff. SUPPOSEDLY:

Strawberry Cheesecake Parfait and Apple Crisp.

But Jess couldn’t find the sour cream for the cheesecake thing. I think she bought yogurt to replace it. Just asked her and she did. SO we’re still sticking to the plan. I miss my two best friends. Its been a while since we’ve been together.. all three of us. Its usually Jess and me or Mel and me or Jess and Mel (not sure if they’ve met up in the past few months). So it’ll be us three doing nonsense together. 😀

I, shockingly, am going to see my Chemistry teacher on Sat. While most of my dear classmates will be enjoying in Port Dickson, I’ll be spending quality time with my lecturer. Hahaha. But I need to clear up some things. I cannot afford to get 75.. though that is an improvement on my last mark. December is,as my Chem teacher and my TS teacher (yes the twit but he’s still a teacher. A kid but still a teacher) mentioned, the month of catching up for next year, its the train ride to hell.

And Christmas is soon, the little image on the side should give you the hint. Credits to my fave people at LifeTeen.com. Happy Advent everyone!


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