My dad ended up in the hospital today. A little scary huh? He had a bad reaction to some medication and started having tightness in his chest. High blood pressure, low blood sugar levels. It was a little scary at home. Right before exams which I am not quite prepared for yet. I’m very grateful to Kat, Serena, Mel and Jess for being there for me. I really appreciate it.

Its funny how doctors make the worst patients in the world. My dad was complaining the whole way to Sime Darby Medical Centre. -_- He complained that the A/C was too cold, that my mom was driving too slowly etc. gosh. I hope I’m never like that. Even in the hospital, he told them what to do. “I want an ECG, I need a glucose shot.bla bla bla” Really, dad. I’m sure they know what they’re doing.

I was pretty calm through the whole thing. I was a little freaked but I decided that nothing good could possibly come from panicking. It was scary thinking my dad could die. Its scary. If things had gone in the opposite direction, I probably would have cracked. My mom was scared at home. Who wouldn’t be right? I was studying when she called me to hurry up cos we’re going to the hospital. We ran all over the place while my dad kept grumbling. After a while you’re “terrified”ness reduces once the person that scared you becomes a little irritating. I know, he’s my dad. But ANYONE would have been annoyed.


The doctor said he should stay a night but thinking of the bill (my mom told him to stay and not care about the bill but since he’s the one paying…) and of his own patients tomorrow, my dad decided to come back home. He’s better but his pressure is still high. Oh well.. he’s making fun of the TV so, so far so good. hah.

I hope I don’t freak out over Chem tomorrow. :/ haih.


2 thoughts on “mini-earthquake

  1. Good luck and stay calm for Chem tmr, your dad and mom will be looking at you for this 🙂 🙂 Stay strong for them! And your dad is a doctor… he’ll know how to look after his blood pressure now 😉 If anything, you know I’m just one call/sms/fb msg/msn-nudge away ^^


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