18 things about Rae Ong Suan Li aka ROSL:

1.      She has skinny wrists.

2.      When she’s old, she’ll have this ONE SUPER LONG strand of hair only (I wonder if you still remember this, Rae)

3.      Her least fave song from POTO is Masquerade.

4.      She confused me in Form 1 whether her name was Rachel or Suan Li. (-_-)

5.      Ben (Jess’s brother) hugged her around the waist during Mel’s 13th birthday party.

6.      Wallaby. 🙂

7.      She and I were “joined at the hip” in Form 1.

8.      She loves stationery.

9.      She had a dog named Lucy who was really cute.

10.  She lived across the street from Arvind until 2006 (Or was it 2007). 😀

11.  She’s really close to her cousins.

12.  She’s super creative in making the “headings” for the COF articles.

13.  She was the first Setiausaha 2 in the Prefect Board (the highest post in the afternoon session board)

14.  She loves stuffed animals

15.  Her first relationship started on my birthday in 2006.

16.  My brother gave her the name ROSL. And French fry.

17.  We went to watch Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith together and squealed over the creature Obi-Wan “used as a means of transport” until people got annoyed.

18.  She’s a friend unlike any other.

Happy 18th birthday RaeWae. 🙂 I’m sure it was an awesome one. God bless you always. 🙂


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