Death at a funeral

OKAY. Take a lucky guess which was better. Yes yes.. the British version.

I’m sorry but Americans tend to do ‘notquiteasfunny’ versions of British classics. This is an example of one. It wasn’t as funny, the American version. Like the American version of Hustle, “Leverage” is not as slick as the original. The American version of “Worst Week/Day” isn’t as stressful as the British version; funny but not as painful to watch (the Brit version made you want to claw your face off watching Howard mess up so badly).

The acting in the original movie (obviously, the 2007 British one) was better. The actors were more passionate in their role especially Matthew MacFadyen’s ‘Daniel’. He presented his speech with the annoyance and feeling that was required in the scene which sadly Chris Rock could not quite pull off. And I found Aaron’s (the American ‘Daniel’) wife to be more annoying than supportive. But that’s just me.

On to James Marsden’s ‘Oscar’ and Alan Tudyk’s ‘Simon’. I am sorry to all James Marsden fans (yes he is far better looking) but the character written didn’t get quite as funny lines. The British writers did a better script. Yes they both flash their bottoms on screen (no comments to compare their body parts -.- ) but Simon’s silliness made for more entertaining screentime. Luke Wilson’s ‘Derek’ wasn’t quite as slimy as Ewen Bremner’s ‘Justin’. But then Columbus Short did well as the useless brother in the American version. So there, one point for the Yankees.

But the comedy is the same in both movies. The same jokes, the same situations. I guess if you’ve watched the Brit version before the American version (and vice versa) you’ll be more partial to the other. This movie was fantastic though. They had the same guy play the “blackmailer”. It was funny without trying to hard. And all the really awkward and worst-possible-situation scenes were quite realistic. There is always something wacky that happens when there’s a funeral, at least in my family. So this made for a good show.


2 thoughts on “Death at a funeral

  1. Oooooh. I watched the American vers.

    Erm, I LOL-ed so much at the trailer. But, I didn’t LOL at the movie.
    D: but it was enjoyable, nevertheless. Especially for my siblings?



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