i got a bit miffed right after class because a certain teacher pulled my hair. Come on, how old are you? I get that you’re “quirkyborderingonreallyweird” at times but pulling my hair has made me think of you as a 5 year old who never quite grew up. Really. My respect for you has dropped so low I can’t tell where it ranks anymore. I wonder how I’m going to cope with you for the next one year and 2 months. Oh happy days to come. >.<

And I take it back. You don’t have a mini-you because the other way is way better.

Two weeks more till the final exams. How prepared am I? Not quite. But I’ve already planned what I want to do AFTER exams. heh. Typical isn’t it? We think WAY ahead of the hurdle in order to get past it. Its tiring being a student but I am grateful that I have to chance to study. Imagine not being given the tools to succeed! That would be horrid… it’ll be like having a Death Eater suck the life out of you. So people, no matter how grumpy you are that you have a lot of hw to do, just deal with it because life may be worse if you didn’t have the opportunity to complain about homework.


I can’t help it. I am still very much annoyed. It just irritates me how childish grown people can be! REALLY. I thought maturity sets in by 25; you’re WAY past that. So come on, act your age and your position. I’m sorry to say that today’s little incident is going to be forever imprinted in my mind and has already changed the dynamic of our student-teacher relationship. hmph.


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