I felt like a taking a bath after overhearing a VERY mushy conversation yesterday just in case their “sweet talk” would cause ants to stick to me. Gosh, I felt like screaming SHUT UP ALREADY! Clearly, my head is very very very far from where those two are. I don’t get the point of relationships at a young age. What purpose does it serve?

And even if I ever get into one, I wonder if I’d like my boyfriend to call me “cute” and whisper “sweet nothings”. Yuck. I’m sorry to all in relationships with the flowers and rainbows, but I am not into that. I know, you might think “She’ll see when her time comes” but until then, I am going to scrub the sticky words of ‘love’ to make sure I don’t get a hyperglycemia attack.

really, ew.


edit note: Just so you know, the person I overheard was someone I know really well. And BELIEEEVVVEEEE me, if you knew the person the way I did.. you’d freak out too. : /

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    1. hah. i know. i’m just so ‘allergic” to all that mush. I don’t mind it on Tv or in movies but to see it in real life…. (SHUDDERS)


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