Typographic Animation: Think About It (via Open Your Eyes, Your Mind Will Follow)


Take a moment and think about it. How often do you catch yourself saying “like” or ending what should be a firm declaration with “ya know?” or “right?” What has happened to our conviction? I know that I was challenged by this video to attempt to go through a day without saying “like.” It encouraged me to firmly say what I had to say, without always worrying I wouldn’ … Read More

via Open Your Eyes, Your Mind Will Follow


Its completely true how gutless most of us are nowadays in stating our opinion. Come on, I have used the phrase “you know, get it, etc” many times, even when i blog. And it is challenging not to do that when we all are basically trying to feel like we belong. Stating your opinion can often feel like a curse word in a church (the old ones, with the gorgeous architecture, where when you stand at a particular spot -usually the pulpit- you can hear every single word someone whispers at a far corner). You don’t dare speak up because people will look at you different when you really want to fit in. Especially if what we want to say is contrary to whatever everyone thinks. Just because what you believe is different doesn’t make it wrong. Trust in yourself and be a little thick-skinned.

Like the author of the blog said, kids don’t speak up in class because they’re scared.

They don’t want to “be wrong” in front of the class or appear to be a “teacher’s pet.”

I have been there many times. When you have the answer, or an attempt of the answer, you’re scared of being shot down. But then, without trying we don’t learn. We need to embarrass ourselves sometimes in order to learn. I admire my mom for that. She doesn’t mind looking ridiculous as long as she can ask or say what she needs to get across. I cower behind and cross my fingers, hoping someone else will answer the question or ask it.

Maybe it is high time we all try opening up more and actually putting our guts to use. We need to be braver and stop backing down when all we need is to speak up.
“Bravery is believing in yourself, and that thing nobody can teach you.


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