One might relate the title to the adorable anime which I still like though I have fallen off the Japanese cartoon mania wagon, “Karin”. Which is kind of what I’m relating the post to.

I “googled” my own blog for posts I knew were there and felt my cheeks burn up in embarrassment. It may have just been 3 or 4 years ago or less, but I have done/said/acted in such silly ways. If I knew myself barely half a decade ago, I’d give myself a well-deserved “back of the head slap Gibbs’ style”. I was so foolish. Yet weren’t we all like that?

I know friends who have erased their memories of past mistakes by deleting posts or deleting whole blogs. I may have been guilty of that too.I’m not saying that’s wrong. Sometimes, canceling out what you did by hitting the “delete/backspace” button helps get rid of the skeletons in life.  But I’m keeping my horrid past for myself to laugh about. I don’t have the CoF books to look back on as they’re all in Melanie’s possession, but these snippets will do. Not all the sordid details were pasted online for the world to see as they were shared with those who mattered. I have not edited any of my posts from my early teens up to now. I’m leaving them as they were, in their pure unadulterated state so I can see how far I’ve come. Facing up to who I was before I can become who I want to be.


One thought on “Hazukashi

  1. I just ran outta backspaces for my blogs gracie. HAHAHA 😀 i keep wanting to delete everything sometimes, but I just don’t do it.


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