Can you believe it? October is ending in four days. And my semester exam is coming up. Here’s what my class has to look forward to:

1/11- Physics Test
3/11- Maths Statistics Test
11/11- Physics Practical Exam
22/11- Biology Practical Exam
29-11 until 3/12- Semester Exam

I am going mad. There is so much to study and ohsolittle time. Why did I take A-Levels again? 😦 We were all 0_0 in class when our Bio teacher broke down what she had to complete (syllabus wise that is) and how long she had. Our schedule for next year is hectic. The first semester for July intake students is supposedly the most “relaxed”. Yeah right. I’m terrified to see what’s ahead. Crap crap crap. Here’s when the regret of not being consistent kicks in and you wish you had a TARDIS to return back to where you started.

Interesting blog post which has nothing to do with mine: HERE


5 thoughts on “strethth

  1. Msth STATISTICS test?? @_@ Statistics for MUFY isnt bad at all; I’m not sure the same can be said for ALvls lol.

    All the best and good luck for all the tests and exams you have to accomplish this upcoming month! 😀 *hugs* I’ll be baking with you after the 3rd Dec 😛


  2. Good luck for all of your tests sweety!! Im ohsosure you’ll do well….hehehee I’ll hope to see you around more often in college. All the best and work smart!!! I’ll be there to support you!! <3<3 Hugs~


  3. Gracie! All the best for your upcoming exams. You’ll nail it fine. =)

    Btw, so-called “relaxing” first semesters often gives a misleading impression of the whole course. Like CAT. It was really relaxing from March to June. But starting from July, it’s like h**l. Boo hoo hoo.


  4. SCARY! Good luck for all of that, by the way. You’ll be fine. Holidays in December, Gracie. Keep your eyes on that if things get too stressed. Oh, and we still have 20/11/10 😀

    much love!


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