Just when things were going fine, I get a fricking 63% on my Chem test. And it was mostly due to careless mistakes. And error in judgment gave me the worst marks I have ever scored in Chemistry. EVER. I worked really hard to get a good mark and yet I plummeted down from 80% to 63%. Great. Just great.

😦 I was seriously bummed out on Fri. I ended up crying in class. Thankfully due to my flu, me sniffling in the front was just passed as part of the “influenza-package deal”. Lucky isn’t it? I have been mildly depressed because of that crap mark. I know it should motivate me to work harder but its so hard when you’ve tried, and I mean really tried 100%, and still missed the mark.

been there right? when you’ve worked to the best and yet don’t quite make it. :/ but then, there’s always room for improvement.


7 thoughts on “63

  1. You went to Adam Lambert’s?! WOW!!! How was it? And, I thought you said you weren’t well during your exam? A 63% is already very good when your brain is so distracted and you can’t think straight. Cheer up! Pass that flu back to your chemistry teacher. Hug her real tight and sneeze in her face 🙂 (eww…)


  2. Gracie, you need a hug.

    Meh. I had that feeling before.
    But, I know you are a strong girl.
    You would get over it in no time. 😀
    I believe in you. 🙂


  3. Grace, hang in there ya! An occasional bad apple isn’t everything. You’ll just rise up to the occasion and do BETTER the next round. I have faith in you.

    Here is a hug from me to you! Cheer up! =)


  4. have been theree especially in high school whn ur feeling all the pressure to get a really good mark to get into ur desired course. Even now in uni too with this !@^&(^!&^)!^%*(!@%^(*!&^% tough course. ^-^ U can do ittt!! we all go through that season once in a while. Makes you work harder, helps u learn tat things dun always go the way you wan n good things don’t come ez. 🙂 life aye.


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