MeruJanneTanonNyuuNyuu this is for you.

To my best friend who’s been a rock of pure honesty when you need a reality check, HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY! 🙂 Congratulations on turning 18 sweetheart. I pray that you’ll truly live life to the fullest and make all the mistakes that will make you the person God wants you to be. I pray that you’ll never lose your gutsy-ness and your sass. You’ll go a long way being the way you are. You’ll definitely go all the way. I’m sure one day you’ll be a superstar artist who dances in her free time. 😀 😀

You know that I love you to bits and that I support you in everything you do. Thank you for coming with me into every church related thing I want to attend and for pushing me to perform out of my comfort zone. Thank you for being with me through The Witness and Godspell. I believe we’re really close now, bonded through our ‘artsy’ side.

Happy sweet and spectacular 18th. I’m sure you’ll have a lot more to come. God bless you always Melanie Jane Liew. If I could, I’d send Chris Colfer to you for your birthday. Maybe one day. :p


2 thoughts on “Macaroni

  1. 😀 you dunno how happy I am!!!!!! Thankyouthankyouthankyou! ;w; It’s ok, if there’s Chris Colfer in front of me, you wouldn’t see me breathe. =.= my face would be redder than his rosy cheeks, xD! Gah!
    Thank you, Gracie…..really. :D……;w;.


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