for the first time ever, I went for mass by myself. My dad dropped me off at St. Francis Xavier Church in PJ at 6.30am (mass is at 6.45am). Sitting by myself was different. You see mass in a different way; you really get into it, you know. I was by myself for the first time. There was only one other lady in the same pew. I love going for early morning mass. The music isn’t “noisy” like the other masses where the music is too overpowering that it “takes over” from the mass. Its nice when the choir sits at the back and the cantor isn’t seen “taking the spotlight” in front. Its nice when the music just comes together with what’s going on. I love morning mass and I saw how it would be like when I do ‘grow up’. hah. uncharted territory doesn’t seem too bad. but i still miss my mom. The funeral is today.


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  1. i used to attend morning masses everyday back in kuching during those 6 months before uni. it’s totally refreshing to start your day receiving Christ and feeling serene and calm celebrating mass. and the best part is when you leave the church after mass, a sunrise greets you 🙂

    prayers to your family for their lost.


    1. Yeah. When I went to Australia for WYD in 2008, I went for mass every morning and it was awesome. I do love it. The church I attend every Sun faces the East so when the sun rises the rays hit the sacristy. Such a beautiful sight. 🙂


  2. Is that really how the SFX church looks like in the morning? If yes, it’s an awesome sight.

    I haven’t tried attending a really early mass by myself. Maybe I should do that one day in Assumption. I bet it’ll be a really good and definitely different experience. xD


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